Анализ, геометрия и топология

Общ семинар на секцията

Annual Scientific Session 2023

December 4, 2023, Room 478, IMI – BAS

Chair: N. Nikolov

13:00 J. Davidov and O. Mushkarov – Metric connections and twistor spaces

13:15 P. Petrov – Secant varieties of toric surface

13:30 V. Milousheva – Canonical parameters on timelike surfaces with parallel normalized mean curvature vector field in the Minkowski 4-Space

13:45 K. Kanchev and O. Kassabov – Relation between the minimal time-like surfaces in R^4_2 and R^3_1

14:00 Break

Chair: V. Milousheva

14:15 V. Kiryakova, J. Paneva-Konovska – From the Le Roy functions – toward generalizations of the Wright-Fox hypergeometric functions and Fox H- functions

14:30 D. Karp – Trigonometric identities: from Ptolemy to this day

14:45 E. Bazhlekova – Bernstein functions and Jeffreys-type equations

15:00 Yu. Tsankov – Resonant cases in nonlocal boundary-value problems for the wave equation

15:15 Break

Chair: O. Mushkarov

15:30 N. Nikolov – The Kobayashi distance near strongly pseudoconvex points

15:45 S. Ivanov – Riemannian curvature identities for a connection with skew-symmetric torsion

16:00 S. Hakkaev – Stability of dnoidal waves for the Schrodinger-KdV system