Education in Mathematics and Informatics

The Department of Education in Mathematics and Informatics (EMI) was founded in 1990. Prof. Jordan Tabov, Assoc. Prof. Evgenia Sendova and Prof. Toni Chehlarova were heads of the Department.

Main research topics:

  • Development of educational strategies and models for mathematics, informatics and information technologies in cooperation with leading experts on global level;
  • Development and publication (including online) of learning units in mathematics and information technologies (for extracurricular activities, preparation for mathematics competitions, didactical scenarios);
  • Development of Virtual Mathematics Classroom;
  • Implementation of the inquiry-based approach in mathematics education;
  • Carrying out courses for professional development of teachers;
  • Carrying out the Conference “Dynamic Mathematics in Education” and seminars (including the National Educational Seminar on Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics Education), the regular seminar on Didactical Modeling and publishing the online journal associated with the seminar;
  • Maintaining a PhD program, scientific supervision of PhD students;
  • Work with talented students – participation in the organization and carrying out of mathematics competitions, research programs, master classes, seminars and schools for pupils (Chernorizets Hrabar, Mathematics with Computer, Monthly Topic, Research Science Institute, USA, High School Student Institute of Mathematics and Informatics); participation in the training of the national teams for international mathematics olympiads and competitions;
  • Participation in projects funded by national and EU programs, e.g. DALEST; MITE; InnoMathEd; Fibonacci; DynaMath; Mascil; KeyCoMath, KeyCoNet, STEM-PD-Net, Scientix, etc.;
  • Delivering lectures and talks and holding other public events promoting scientific and educational achievements;
  • Taking part in teams of experts in the field of science and tertiary education.

Website of the Department: