Informational Modelling (temporary research unit)

Informational Modelling Department


І. Theoretical research:

Development of concepts, methods and tools for Design, Development, Verification, Simulation, Validation and Optimization of Informational Models. Development and research of Informational Models (IM) in the following areas:

  • Data Mining
  • Knowledge Representation and Knowledge Transfer into Inteligent Agents, IM in education
  • IM in interaction processes maintained by intelligent systems
  • IM of human-computer-model interaction.

ІІ. Applyed research

  • Biological ang Ecological Systems
  • IM in при непълна и неточна входна информация
  • Financial Processes
  • Music
  • Socio-Linguistic Systems
  • Iinformation Technologies
  • Business Communications and Managment
  • Teletraffic Theory and Telecommunication Management.