High School Students and Young Talents

The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is engaged in educational activities involving high school students and young talents. IMI is training and working with prominent students for participation in international olympiads and competitions. IMI was also one of the founders of the High School Student Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, established in 2000. IMI also offers training and qualification improvement programs for in-service teachers for the application of innovative methods in the teaching of mathematics and computer science.

Every year researchers from IMI take active part:

  • as lecturers in national and international schools, among which the following worth mentioning: the RSI (Research Science Institute), which is an international science school fro high school students and is held every summer in the United States thanks to the joint efforts of the Center for Excellence in Education, http://www.cee.org, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). IMI selects two students from the conferences of the High School Student Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (HSSIMI) and sends a member of the Department of Mathematics and Informatics Education as a tutor.
  • in the organization of competitions and olympiads in mathematics, informatics and mathematical linguistics on national and international level: Winter Competitions in mathematics, informatics and mathematical linguistics, Spring Tournaments in mathematics and informatics, Fall Tournaments in mathematics and informatics and IT, Christmas Tournament in Mathematics, Chernorizec Hrabar Mathematics Tournament, Ivan Salabashev Mathematics Tournament, etc.
  • as lecturers, mentors, tutors, jury members in the events organized by the High School Student Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (HSSIMI); researchers from IMI are involved in reviewing student papers, judging the competitions of HSSIMI, giving lectures at the Summer Research Schools (SRS) for students and teachers, and mentoring student projects at SRS.

In the end of 2011, the Georgi Chilikov Foundation was established with a donation from M. Chilikov and Il. Baycheva, with the objective to support the training and participation of the national school teams in international competitions and olympiads. According to the will of the donors, the Foundation is managed by IMI–BAS.