The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (IMI) is an independent permanent research unit within the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and carries out its activities in accordance with the Law on BAS, the Statute of BAS,  the internal operational rules of the Institute, and subject to the applicable laws and regulations. The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics is a multidisciplinary academic institute whose main objective is to raise the level of all activities in the country related to the development, application and reproduction of mathematics and computer science.

In order to achieve its strategic goals, IMI has signed bilateral and multilateral contacts with dozens of research centers in Europe and the world. The full integration into the European Research Area is considered by the management of IMI as one of the main approaches to making science a key driving force for the development of the national economy and the knowledge-based society. IMI-BAS has established long-term bilateral and multilateral scientific cooperation agreements with over 40 scientific centers and universities in Europe and all over the world – in Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, China, Latvia, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, etc.


National and International Projects 2013-2019:

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