Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis

The department of “Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis” was created in March 2014 through the merger of the departments: “Mathematical Modelling”, “Computational Mathematics” and “Biomathematics”.

The department members work in the areas of numerical analysis, functional analysis, approximation theory, error analysis, convex and interval analysis with application in mathematical modeling of processes in geophysics, biology, chemistry, economics, medicine and engineering. The department develops effective numerical methods and algorithms for solving linear and non-linear partial differential and integral equations and systems, numerical methods with result verification, and for the study of controllability of dynamic systems.

Besides scientific research, department members teach at universities in Bulgaria and abroad. A large number of scientists have defended doctoral theses under the guidance of department members.

The department continues the tradition of the Bulgarian school of approximation theory, founded by academician Blagovest Sendov in the early 1970s. The international recognition of the mathematical results of the school resulted in the only prize for young scientists working in the field – the Vassil A. Popov prize. The prize is awarded by an international committee every third year. The First Prize in 1995 was awarded to Albert Cohen (Paris VI); the Second Prize in 1998 to Arno Kuijlaars (Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven, Belgium); the Third Prize in 2001 to Emmanuel Candes (Cal Tech); the Fourth Prize in 2004 to Serguei Denissov (University of Wisconsin-Madison); the Fifth Prize in 2007 to Mauro Maggioni (Duke University); the Sixth Prize in 2010 to Joel A. Tropp (California Institute of Technology); the Seventh Prize in 2013 to Andriy Bondarenko (National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv); the Eighth Prize in 2016 to Jean-Marie Mirebeau (CNRS, Université Paris-Sud); the Ninth Prize in 2020 to Danylo Radchenko (ETH, Zurich); and the Tenth Prize in 2023 to Matthew Colbrook (Cambridge University).

The department organises the international conference “Constructive theory of functions”, which has been held since 1971, and is a co-organiser of the international conference “Biomath”. The department is also a co-organiser of a series of seminars on Computational Mathematics and Approximation Theory, which have been held once a year since 2012, in collaboration with Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria, as well as at several other conferences and seminars. More information about these events is given on page Conferences.

During the past decade the department members have actively participated in scientific projects financed by various sources. A list with the projects is given on page Projects.

Last updated: 29 Nov 2023

Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis