The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IMI-BAS) announces four temporary (5-year) positions for R4 Leading researchers (Chairs), who are at the career stage at which they are already established leaders with a recognized track record of research achievements. The approved researchers will be affiliated with the International Center for Mathematical Sciences – Sofia (ICMS-Sofia), which is part of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The positions are financially supported by Simons Foundation grant and funds from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The goal is:

  • acceleration of progress in mathematics,
  • acceleration of ICMS-Sofia reputation worldwide,
  • establishing ICMS-Sofia as a leading regional scientific center producing a pipeline for Bulgarian and international talents,
  • expanding ICMS-Sofia influence to society in Bulgaria at large in outreach activities and integration with industry.

The approved Chairs must establish their own research groups, consisting of an established researcher, a postdoc, and/or a PhD student. The Chairs need to ensure a high international visibility of the research groups obtaining major results in hot areas of mathematics in the first 5 years. The Chair’s contract can be extended for another 5 years or lead to a permanent position in IMI-BAS.

The selection process will be done by a Recruitment committee and the final selection will be approved by the ICMS Advisory Board.

An evaluation by the above committee will be made after the third (Intermediate Report) and fifth year (Final Report). The contracts will be extended upon the committee’s decision.

Payment to the Leading Researcher/Chair: up to 4800 EUR (9388 BGN) per month. The corresponding social insurance contributions due by the employer are not included in the above amount. Competitive salaries will be provided to the team members (senior staff, postdocs and PhD students). IMI-BAS will appoint the Chair and the team members under an employment contract.

Additionally, each research group will be offered an attractive amount of money for visitors and conferences.

The starting date is planned to be September 1, 2024, at the earliest, but it can be negotiated if needed. The working language is English or Bulgarian.

Additional information will be available upon request.

Applications can be made in any field of the contemporary fundamental and applied Mathematics.  There are no restrictions on the applicant’s nationality and gender.

Interested candidates should provide a CV, a list of publications, and a project description (up to 10 pages).  Letters of recommendation are not required but will be considered if provided. Please, send your applications by E-mail to

Deadline: Applications completed by July 31, 2024 will be given full consideration, although applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.