All Bulgarian Participants at the 22nd JBOM Are Returning with Medals

Снимка: Two gold and four silver medals won the young Bulgarian mathematicians during the twenty-second edition of the JBMO. It takes place every year and students at the age of not more than 15.5 can take part in this competition. JBMO has one competition day of 4,5 hours and the participants solve 4 problems from the areas of algebra, geometry, number theory, combinatorics. Each problem is scored with 10 points. The maximum possible score is 40 points. Here are the results of Bulgarian students: Borislav Kirilov (8th grade, First Private Math School, Sofia): 10+10+6+10=36: gold medal. Desislava Nikolova (8th grade, Sofia Math High School): 10+10+6+10=36: gold medal. Martin Kopchev (8th grade, High School of Math and Science, Gabrovo): 10+10+1+10=31: silver medal. [...]