Scientific seminar of the Information Modeling Department

The next meeting of the Information Modeling Seminar will be held on November 28 (Tuesday), at 2 p.m., in room 578 of IMI-BAS. Svetoslav Hadjiivanov, a full-time PhD student, will deliver a talk on: Revolutionizing .NET with the Actor Model: The End of Traditional Encapsulation? Abstract: The actor model is revolutionizing the way we build applications by moving past the traditional idea of encapsulation in object-oriented programming. This model is perfect for today's computers with multiple CPU cores, where old-school methods fall short, leading to race conditions and other concurrency issues. In this seminar, we'll introduce you to the basics of this effective approach. Proto.Actor, our toolkit of choice, blends the strength of both new and time-tested practices, making it a solid fit for industries [...]