ICMS Geometry Seminar

The next session of the Geometry Seminar of ICMS will be held next Wednesday, November 8th, at 16:00, in room 403 and via Zoom. A talk on Tropicalizations II will be delivered by Mikhail Shkolnikov, IMI-BAS. Abstract: I will start by briefly recalling the two approaches to tropicalizing subvarieties of algebraic tori. We then transition to the compactified version, substituting the torus with a toric variety, and formalizing the concept of embedded tropical varieties together with a notion of their smoothness. Notably, not all such varieties can be realized as tropicalizations of classical varieties, and different embeddings of classical varieties yield combinatorially distinct tropicalizations, which we equate through so-called modifications. We will conclude by addressing the question of recovering information about classical varieties from [...]