Boumova, Silvia

Algebra (Linear Algebra in Euclidean Space, Group Theory, Finite Fields), Geometry (Codes and Designs in Polynomial Metric Spaces), Combinatorics (Spherical Designs, Designs in Projective Spaces), Coding Theory (Coding Limits, Optimal Codes), Cryptography.

2022-08-10T08:25:51+03:00Saturday, 24 March 2018|

Boyvalenkov, Peter

Algebra: Linear Algebra in Euclidean Spaces, Finite Fields; Geometry: Codes and Designs in Polynomial Metric Spaces, Packings and Coverings; Combinatorics: Orthogonal Arrays, t-Designs, Strongly Regular Graphs, Association Schemes – Spherical Designs, Designs in Projective Spaces; Coding Theory: Bounds for Codes, Optimal Codes.

2023-03-26T15:25:11+03:00Saturday, 24 March 2018|
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