Topalova, Svetlana

Construction, properties and classification up to equivalence of combinatorial designs and related structures, namely resolvable designs, doubly resolvable designs, orthogonal resolutions, multiple designs, Hadamard matrices, error-correcting codes, spreads and parallelisms of projective spaces, optical orthogonal codes.

2018-09-17T21:24:49+03:00Friday, 27 April 2018|

Boumova, Silvia

Algebra (Linear Algebra in Euclidean Space, Group Theory, Finite Fields), Geometry (Codes and Designs in Polynomial Metric Spaces), Combinatorics (Spherical Designs, Designs in Projective Spaces), Coding Theory (Coding Limits, Optimal Codes), Cryptography.

2022-08-10T08:25:51+03:00Saturday, 24 March 2018|
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