Sendova, Evgenia

Developing Logo microworlds and models for integrating the learning and the creative processes: Methodological issues of using Information Technology in teaching Mathematics, Languages, Music, Science, Arts; Applying Informatics and ICT in Primary and Secondary School; Methodological support of projects for implementing the Inquiry Based Learning in Primary and Secondary School.

2018-09-17T22:38:23+03:00Saturday, 14 April 2018|

Bankov, Kiril

Measurements and assessment in education; Comparative, assessment and diagnostic studies in mathematics education; IT in education; Didactics of mathematics; Extracurricular mathematics activities for gifted and talented students from 4th to 12th grade; Combinatorial mathematics, combinatorial geometry.

2023-06-05T13:40:56+03:00Saturday, 24 March 2018|
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