Dr. Peter Rashkov from the Department of Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis at IMI is representative for Bulgaria and Management Committee member for the COST Action „ Investigation and Mathematical Analysis of Avant-garde Disease Control via Mosquito Nano-Tech-Repellents“ (IMAAC 2017-2021, funded by Horizon 2020 programme of EU, www.imaac.eu) and participates in workgroup „Mathematical Analysis, Data-Analysis and Statistics“.

IMAAC’s aim is to investigate and perform mathematical analysis of the effect of avant-garde control measures in vector-borne diseases involving day-time active mosquitoes transmitting diseases (dengue, zika, chikungunya and yellow fever). This involves avant-garde measures in textile and paint production based on nano- and micro-particles that release chemicals like repellents in well portioned dosages.

The spectrum of possible combinations of nano- or micro-particles, repellents, insecticides and types of textiles or paint has not been well studied. Efficacy studies in cases using these control measures in combination with vaccines have not been performed, which stipulates the need for mathematical modelling and analysis.