Ilieva, Nevena

Fields of interest/ expertise: • Theoretical and mathematical physics; quantum field theory; field-theoretical methods in condensed-matter theory; • Algorithms for large system modelling and analysis; • Mathematical biology: biocomputing; modelling of biomolecular structure and dynamics; immunoinformatics; protein folding • High-performance computing • History and philosophy of physics

2020-08-11T11:48:59+03:00Monday, 21 October 2019|

Popova, Evgenija

Numerical and algebraic methods for problems with uncertain (interval) data; Linear algebraic systems involving (non)linear dependencies between interval parameters: methods, software tools, applications; Algebraic extensions ( of the classical interval space; Software tools for problems with uncertain data and/or result verification; Interaction between computer algebra and interval computations; Dynamic and interactive web-accessible mathematical computations and graphics (webComputing) (; Standards for floating-point arithmetic and computer interval arithmetic; Statistical data analysis.

2020-02-20T18:30:43+02:00Friday, 13 April 2018|

Markov, Svetoslav †

Interval analysis, Numerical methods with verification, Algebraic properties of intervals, errors, convex bodies, stochastic numbers etc., Hausdorff approximations, Mathematical modeling in biology, enzyme kinetics, microbial growth, synaptic transmission, special relativity.

2023-11-30T00:19:37+02:00Tuesday, 10 April 2018|
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