Nikolova, Evgeniya

Research, projects and developments in the field of statistical analysis techniques for IDS, coding theory, probability models, digital competences, mathematical and soft skills, e-learning, adaptive learning in web-based environments, personalization of learning and ICT-based approaches to improve learners' ability to learn.

2023-05-17T14:32:52+03:00Tuesday, 23 February 2021|

Zhelev, Yanislav

Research interests: computer networks, algorithms, e-learning, v-learning, learning personalization, multimedia libraries, digital presentation and preservation of scientific, historical and cultural heritage.

2023-05-17T14:42:56+03:00Tuesday, 23 February 2021|

Todorov, Todor

Coding theory - optimal codes, equidistant codes, Data protection - steganography, watermarking, Information technologies -interdisciplinary methods, Databases, Semantic Web, Multimedia Digital Libraries and Content Management Systems, Methods of preservation and presentation of cultural heritage, Digitalization.

2018-09-17T21:25:06+03:00Friday, 27 April 2018|

Siruk, Olena

Computational Lexicography, Corpus Linguistics, Contrastive Linguistics (esp. the Comparison of Slavic Languages), Ukrainian Studies, Traditional and Computational Dialectology, Semantic Web, Formal Modelling of Semantic Phenomena, Databases and Quantitative Methods in Linguistics, E-learning Systems and Content Development, Web Design and Computer Graphics, Modelling of Linguistic Information-Retrieval Systems.

2021-02-16T12:38:42+02:00Saturday, 14 April 2018|

Pericliev, Vladimir

Research interests include linguistics, computational linguistics and Artificial Intelligence, with focus on building and applying computational discovery tools to diverse problems from linguistic typology, historical linguistics. Basic results include the first monograph in machine linguistic discovery; the first discovery program to present its discoveries in a scientific article (in English); machine-initiated discovery of the hypothesis of a linguistic link between Oceania and South America having far-reaching implications in science generally.

2020-01-18T15:48:25+02:00Friday, 13 April 2018|

Paneva-Marinova, Desislava

Multimedia Digital Libraries Services: Annotation and Semantic Indexing of Digital Objects, Metadata Management, Tools and Techniques for Navigation, Preview, Group, and Selection to Digital Objects/Collections and their Descriptions, Personalized and Adaptive Access to the Digital Content, etc., e-Learning Technologies and Standards, New Information Technologies and Environments for Distance Learning, Multimedia and Language Technologies, Knowledge and Semantic Web Technologies.

2021-05-28T09:54:10+03:00Friday, 13 April 2018|

Pavlov, Radoslav

Mathematical Linguistics and Knowledge Processing, Human Language Technologies, Information Society Technologies, Knowledge Technologies and Management, Semantic WEB services, Semantic Information Processing, Digital Libraries and Content Management Systems, Algorithmics, Theory of Computation, Discrete Mathematics.

2022-03-12T19:22:10+02:00Friday, 13 April 2018|
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