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A joint meeting of the Algebra and Logic Seminar and the Joint Seminar on Analysis, Geometry and Topology will be held on March 12, 2021 (Friday) at 4:30 pm.

A talk on

Algebraic Non-hyperbolicity of Hyperkähler Manifolds

will be delivered by Ljudmila Kamenova (Stony Brook University, USA).

Abstract. A projective manifold is algebraically hyperbolic if the degree of any curve is bounded from above by its genus times a constant, which is independent from the curve. This is a property which follows from Kobayashi hyperbolicity. We prove that hyperkahler manifolds are not algebraically hyperbolic when the Picard rank is at least 3, or if the Picard rank is 2 and the SYZ conjecture on existence of Lagrangian fibrations is true. We also prove that if the automorphism group of a hyperkahler manifold is infinite, then it is algebraically non-hyperbolic. These results are joint with Misha Verbitsky.

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Time: Mar 12, 2021 04:30 PM Sofia
Meeting ID: 851 3737 5021
Passcode: 035647

Algebra and Logic Department, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics

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