From September 27th to 29th, 2018 in Burgas, Bulgaria, the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, under the patronage of UNESCO and Burgas District Administration and with the support of the National Science Fund (Contract No. ДПМНФ 01/22 27.08.2018), organizes the Eighth International Conference on Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage—DiPP2018, The conference is an event from 2018 European year of cultural heritage, supported by the European commission.

Co-organisers of the event are the Regional Academic Center – Burgas, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Regional Historical Museum – Burgas, the Burgas Free University, Index Ltd, Institute for Computer Science and Control, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The prestigious scientific event will be opened on September 27, 2018 at 12:30, in Conference hall “Sea Casino”, Burgas, Bulgaria.

The conference aims at presenting innovative results, research projects and applications in the field of digitisation, documentation, archiving, representation and preservation of global and national tangible and intangible cultural and scientific heritage. The focus is to provide open access to digitised cultural heritage and to set up sustainable policies for its continuous digital preservation and conservation.

The priority area is the digital presentation and preservation of cultural and historical objects under conditions of risk. The forum will demonstrate innovative technologies and prototypes, including digital repositories, digital archives, virtual museums and digital libraries, which result from established practices and achievements in the field. Representatives of public and specialised libraries, museums, galleries, archives, centres, both national and foreign research institutions and universities are invited to participate and exchange experiences, ideas, knowledge and best practices in the field.

The International Conference on Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage is becoming a traditional meeting of scientists working in the country and abroad with their colleagues from prestigious scientific centres all over the world, presenting the latest scientific achievements in the field of ICT for cultural and scientific heritage and laying out the paths for future research. The previous six DiPP conferences have welcomed more than 350 participants from 20 countries (Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Holland, Hungary, Germany, Greece, France, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Russia, Rumania, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA, etc.), presenting scientific and project reports, published in the Conference proceedings (available with open access at:

Accompanying Events

─ A workshop and a National Information Day Workshop on Open Access to Scientific Publications, Data and Data Science, organised by the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

─ Symposium on Future Trends in Serious Games for Cultural Heritage, organised by IMI-BAS to present scholarly and scholarly-practical outcomes of the “Serious Education Games as Contemporary Tools for New Educational Applications” project, Contract № DSD-2/05.04.2017 between the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, activity “Introduction of Contemporary Methods in Educating and Fostering Young Talent” (PMC № 347).

More information about the conference can be found on the DiPP2018 website.