The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (IMI) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences was founded on 27 October 1947 – soon after the end of the Second World War with the efforts and high professionalism of a generation of Bulgarian mathematicians, whom today we gratefully call founding fathers of Bulgarian mathematics.

During these 75 years, the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics has defended its position among the most prestigious scientific and educational institutions in Bulgaria.

The mission of IMI is:

  • To develop fundamental and applied research in mathematics and informatics in line with national and European priorities and integrate IMI into the European Research Area.
  • To conduct research in the fields of mathematical structures, mathematical modelling and mathematical informatics, which enrich the theoretical foundations of mathematics and informatics and lead to innovative applications in other domains of science, information and communication technologies, industry and society.
  • To ensure the application of mathematics and informatics in national educational programmes and educational processes at all levels in the country.
  • To promote the role of IMI as the leading scientific centre in Bulgaria in the field of mathematics and informatics.

We can proudly state that since its establishment in 1947, till today, the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics has been a leading Bulgarian centre for research and training of highly qualified personnel, carrying out a purposeful, long-term and consistent policy related to the main trends in the development of mathematics, informatics and information technologies.

In line with the public need to develop educational policies and practices in Bulgaria, an important part of IMI’s policy is participation in educational programs at all levels, which guarantees the sustainable development of the scientific potential in mathematics and informatics. The activities in this direction are diverse: training of masters and doctoral students, outstanding students (including preparation of national teams in mathematics, informatics and mathematical linguistics), retraining of teachers, preparation of students and postgraduate students for scientific work by including them in direct scientific research, implementation of programs connecting education and science (together with the Ministry of Education and Science).

IMI also works successfully to improve the relationship with the Bulgarian diaspora and to attract for cooperation with Bulgarian mathematicians working in prestigious scientific centres abroad. In this regard, we will note the already traditional holding of the Mathematics Days in Sofia International Conference, the next edition of which will be held in 2023, as well as the IMI Award for Excellence in Mathematics, which is presented to a young Bulgarian mathematician.

Happy anniversary, colleagues!