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The next meeting of the seminar of the Information Modelling Department

will be held on June 7, 2022, Tuesday, at 2:00 pm (UCT+3) in Room 278 of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – BAS.

Assoc. Prof. Rumen Dimitrov will deliver a talk on

Application of NGS technology for analysis of pathogen-host interactions

Annotation: C. glabrata is an opportunistic fungal pathogen. Its clinical isolates show great genomic plasticity. This allows C. glabrata to adapt to different niches of the host by changing the number and size of chromosomes and by rearranging its genome. 

At the first stage of the project КР-06-31/19 one of the main tasks is the sequencing and annotation of a strain of C.glabrata isolated from an ecological niche. The aim is to trace the evolutionary mechanisms of adaptation during the transition of the pathogen from the ecological niche in the human population. The following approaches to this task will be considered: 

1. Formulation of the biological task at the population and molecular level. 

2. Approaches to information modelling of the host-pathogen interaction. 

3. Algorithms for determining the genomic structure. Application – structure annotation of an ecological strain of C. glabrata.


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