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The next meeting of the seminar of the Information Modeling Department will be held on

June 25, 2023, at 2:00 pm, in Room 578 of IMI.

The following talks will be delivered:

1. Public inaugural lecture by Assoc. Prof. Ivan Radoslavov Georgiev:

An Optimization Model for Production Scheduling Taking into Account Preventive Maintenance in an Uncertainty-Based Manufacturing System

2. Lecture by Asen Toshev on:

Influence of the Balkan haplogroups in Europe

Abstract. Examining the haplogroups from Eupedia [1] we conclude that two haplogroups are characteristic
of the Balkans: I2*/I2a and E1b1b.The main goal of this paper is through the Balkan haplogroups to investigate the Balkan influence on countries outside the Balkans, i.e.”Balkan” connections with peoples outside the Balkans, possibly migrations from the Balkans to other European countries. We conclude that the European peoples can be divided into 4 groups: 1) Group with the highest content of “Balkan genes” – Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo; 2) “Typical” Balkan group of countries: Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania; 3) Group with “medium” Balkan genetic influence: Moldova, Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia; 4) Group with “weak” Balkan genetic influence: all other European countries.

The seminar will be streamed also at:


Everybody is invited.

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