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The next meeting of the Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis Seminar will be held on March 24, 2022 (Thursday) at 2:00 pm (UTC+2) in Zoom.

Dr. habil. Clemens Hofreither will deliver a talk on

A Newton’s method for best uniform rational approximation

Абстракт. We present a novel algorithm, inspired by the recent BRASIL algorithm, for best uniform rational approximation based on a formulation of the problem as a nonlinear system of equations and barycentric interpolation. We derive a closed form for the Jacobian of the system of equations and formulate a Newton’s method for its solution. The resulting method for best uniform rational approximation can handle singularities and arbitrary degrees for numerator and denominator. It typically converges globally and exhibits superlinear convergence in a neighborhood of the solution.
Interesting auxiliary results include formulae for the derivatives of barycentric rational interpolants with respect to the interpolation nodes, and for the derivative of the nullspace of a full-rank matrix.
This talk is based on joint work with Irina Georgieva.

Topic: семинар на секция “Математическо моделиране и числен анализ”, Clemens Hofreither

Time: Mar 24, 2022 02:00 PM Sofia
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