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16.06.2019 – 22.06.2019 | Będlewo

 Mathematical Methods and Models in Biosciences (Biomath) is an established conference series providing meeting forums for scientists from different disciplines as well as different countries and continents, who develop and apply mathematical and computational tools to study phenomena in the broad fields of life sciences. This multidisciplinary event covers scientific fields such as biology, ecology, medicine, biotechnology, bioengineering, environmental science, etc. The conference’s tradition of scientific meetings on Biomathematics was established in Sofia in 1995 and continued at several universities in Bulgaria (2011-2014, 2018: Bulgarian Academy of Scences, 2015-2016: South-West University) and South Africa (2017: University of Pretoria).  In 2019 this event will be organised in Poland, in the Conference Center of Institute of Mathematics of Polish Academy of Sciences in Będlewo.
Some basic information about the conference can be found here:  the poster of Biomath19.
In case of any questions please contact us at 19-biomath@impan.pl.

Yearly, Biomath conferences attract participants from about 20 countries. It allows for broad scientific interactions and initiates new collaborations between researchers from different countries as well as between junior and established experts in the field. This year’s meeting will be also an occasion to celebrate 60th birthday of one of the conference organizes, whose contribution to the mathematical biology cannot be disregarded, prof. Jacek Banasiak .

The conference is coorganised by:

  • Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, University of Warsaw,
  • Banach Center, Institute of Mathematics of Polish Academy of Sciences,
  • Biomath Forum,
  • Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Ohio State University,
  • Łódź University of Technology,
  • University of Pretoria,
  • Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

For more information please visit the conference website: https://www.impan.pl/en/activities/banach-center/conferences/19-biomath


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