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The Annual Scientific Session of the International Center for Mathematical Sciences – Sofia
will be held on December 15, 2023 – Friday, in room 403 at 01:00 P.M.


13:00-13:15          Oleg Mushkarov, Opening remarks

13:15-13:30           Valdemar Tsanov, On nonconvexity of momentum maps

13:30-13:45           Mikhail Shkolnikov, Exact solutions in harmonic sandpile dynamics

13:45–14:00        Break

14:00-14:15           Andrei Bengus-Lasnier, Computing Milчетна чnor numbers with multiplicities for curves

14:15-14:30           Antoni Rangachev, Flat families of curves

14:30-14:45           Jiachang Xu, Aspects of non-Archimedean geometry

14:45-15:00         Break

15:00-15:15           Maryam Bajalan, Polycyclic and multivariable codes over finite rings

15:15-15:30           Hamed Pejhan, Wigner’s elementary systems in de Sitter spacetime and their holographic interpretation

15:30-15:45         Break

15:45–16:00          Yingdi Qin, Atiyah sequence and Connection on Lie groupoid

16:00-16:15           Dimitar Kodjabachev, Picard groups, Galois descent and TMF

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