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Сбирка на семинара “Математически основи на информатиката” ще се проведе във Велико Търново на 18 март (понеделник) от 16:30 часа в зала 401 на корпус 4 на ВТУ.

Доклад на тема

LCD Codes over Mixed Alphabets

ще изнесе Maryam Bajalan, ИМИ – БАН.

Резюме: In this presentation, we describe the structural properties of (Galois) linear complementary dual codes over mixed alphabets arising from finite chain rings. Our focus centres on providing a comprehensive characterization, outlining the conditions under which a given code falls into this category and it is Galois invariant. This leads to the study of the Gray image of FpFp[θ]-linear codes, where p ∈ {2,3} and θ ≠ θ2 = 0 , that provides Fp-linear complementary dual codes.

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Meeting ID: 871 3906 2405
Passcode: 9BiJtF

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