CTF 2023: Международна конференция “Конструктивна теория на функциите”

Лозенец комплекс Оазис, Лозенец

International Conference CONSTRUCTIVE THEORY OF FUNCTIONS - 2023 LOZENETS, June 11 - 15, 2023 organized by Institute of Mathematics and Informatics Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski Сайт на конференцията: http://www.math.bas.bg/mathmod/CTF-2023/       

BIOMATH 2023 – International conference on Mathematical Methods and Models in Biosciences

град Поморие, България Поморие

Biomath is an international series of conferences devoted to recent research in life sciences based on applications of mathematics as well as mathematics applied to or motivated by biological studies. It is a multidisciplinary meeting forum for researchers who develop and apply mathematical and computational tools to the study of phenomena in the broad fields of biology, ecology, medicine, biophysics, biochemistry, pharmacokinetics, chemoinformatics, biotechnology, bioengineering, environmental science, etc.

16-th International Workshop on Well-Posedness of Optimization Problems and Related Topics

      The workshop is a continuation of a series of meetings with the same title that was initiated in 1987 in Milan, Italy, by a small group of Bulgarian and Italian mathematicians working in the field of Well-Posedness in Optimization and Related Topics. The subsequent editions of the workshop were held in Sofia (1989), Santa Margherita Ligure (1991), Sozopol (1993), Marseille (1995), Sozopol (1997), Gargnano (1999), Warsaw (2001), Marseille (2003), Borovets (2005), Alicante (2007), Levico Termi (2009), Borovets (2011), Borovets (2018) and Borovets (2021), where the scope and the attendance were substantially enlarged. The aim of the series of workshops is to bring together people that are interested in stability of optimization problems in a broad sense. In particular, the organizers want [...]

Дни на математиката в София, 2023 г.

Институт по математика и информатика - БАН Block 8, 1113 БАН IV км., София

Институтът по математика и информатика при БАН, съвместно със Съюза на математиците в България и Факултета по математика и информатика на СУ "Св. Климент Охридски" организират поредното издание на международната конференция "Дни на математиката в София" от 10 до 14 юли 2023 г.   Повече информация може да намерите на сайта на конференцията: http://mds.math.bas.bg/    

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