Семинар “Алгебра и логика”


На 29 септември 2023 г. (петък) от 13:00 часа ще се проведе дистанционно заседание на семинара по „Алгебра и логика”. Доклад на тема: Reset Controller Synthesis ще изнесе Naijun Zhan (Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS), China). Абстракт. Controller synthesis provides a Correct-by-construction mechanism to guarantee the correctness and reliability of hybrid systems (HS) by design. Depending on the types of controls, controllers can be classified into reset controllers, feedback controllers, and switching logic controllers. Reset controllers steer the behaviour of a HS to attain system objective through restricting its initial set and redefining the reset map associated with discrete jumps, which is less explored in the literature, although it is of theoretical and practical significance. In this talk, I will summarize our [...]

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