Зарежда Събития

На 05.01.2023 г. (четвъртък), 15:00 в зала 403 на ИМИ

ще се състои съвместен семинар на секциите

Математическо моделиране и числен анализ


Математически основи на информатиката.

Доклад на тема

 Universal extrema of potentials of certain classes of spherical designs

ще изнесе проф. Сергей Бородачьов, Towson University.

Abstract: We will discuss known results and our work on locations of absolute minima and maxima of the total potential of N points located on a higher-dimensional sphere that form a spherical design of the highest (in some sense) strength. The potential is a completely monotone function of the Euclidean distance squared. These results apply to a quite extensive list of particular spherical configurations. For power-law potentials and vertices of a regular polygon, regular simplex, cube, and cross-polytope, this problem was earlier solved in the papers by Stolarsky, Nikolov, and Rafailov.

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