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На 22.06.2022г. от 14 ч. ще се проведе поредната сбирка на
семинара по Диференциални уравнения на секция ДУМФ.

Доклад на тема

On Contact Defects in Reaction-Diffusion Systems

ще изнесе д-р Милен Иванов.


Solutions of reaction-diffusion systems exhibit a wide variety of patterns like spirals, stripes and Turing patterns. In particular, the Belousov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction produces spiral patterns, which may undergo a period-doubling bifurcation; then a line defect is emitted from the center of the spiral and along it the pattern jumps half a period. In order to study this phenomenon, we consider the so-called contact defects, studied by Sandstede and Scheel: functions, which converge (in an appropriate sense) to a periodic function as x→±∞. Of interest is the problem of truncating such a defect to a large interval, with Neumann or periodic boundary conditions. 

We will discuss the existence, uniqueness and spectral stability of such a truncated contact defect. It will turn out contact defect is spectrally stable when given periodic boundary conditions, and spectrally unstable with Neumann boundary conditions. These results suggest that the observed spiral patterns with line defects are stable.

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