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На 28.06.2019 г. от 11:00 в зала 478 на ИМИ ще се състои поредната сбирка на семинара по Диференциални уравнения с докладчик Col. Prof. Chhanda Samanta, Virginia Military Institute, USA
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Резюме. In 1953 a strange nucleus called “Hypernucleus” was first discovered that contains a hyperon in addition to neutrons and protons. While neutrons and protons are made of up and down quarks, hyperons are made of different combinations of up, down and strange quarks. Since its first discovery, about 50 different strange-nuclei have been found with different “strangeness”. In March 2010, a strange anti-hypernucleus called, anti-hypertriton was discovered at Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA that gave a glimpse of the ‘hyper anti-world’ and extended the two dimensional nuclear chart to a three-dimensional one. It is difficult to measure the mass of the hypernuclei as they are very short-lived. A generalized mass formula has been formulated by us that treats strange nuclei on the same footing as the non-strange normal nuclei. It reproduces available experimental data on hypernuclei with different strangeness, and predicts masses of the unknown ones. It also suggests possible existence of exotic strange nuclei without any neutrons and protons. This mathematical equation is currently being used as an input to estimate the production possibility of different hypernuclei and their effects in heavy-ion collision experiments.
Секция “Диференциални уравнения и математическа физика”
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