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Следващата сбирка на Семинара по геометрия на МЦМН
ще се проведе в сряда, 14 февруари 2024 г. от 16:00 ч. в зала 403 и онлайн в Zoom:

Доклад на тема

Refined curve counting

ще изнесе Михаил Школников, ИМИ – БАН.

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Abstract: Refining an enumerative problem upgrades the numerical solution to a polynomial so that its specialization gives the original number. A prototypical example of such refinement arises in the tropical curve counting from replacing Mikhalkin multiplicities, corresponding to counting complex curves, with Block-Goettsche multiplicities. I will speak about the invariance of this count and its various interpretations.
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