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На 31 май 2022 г., вторник, от 14 часа,

ще се проведе семинар на ВНЗ “Информационно моделиране”, с гост-лектор  доц. Оксана Харченко от Department of Media Engineering and Information Radio Electronic Systems of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine.

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Резюме: Nowadays the numerical methods of EEG analysis (in main, spectral and correlation analysis) are finding ever increasing application. An advantage of these methods consists in the elimination of subjectivity, being inevitable for a visual analysis. It is important for the clinical neurophysiologist to know when this or that rhythm appeared. But spectral analysis does not show the change in the signal over time. This disadvantage partially allows to overcome the Windowed Fourier Transform (WFT). But in this case, the resolution decreases.

The Wavelet Transform isused to analyze non-stationary processes. But this method is not yet used extensively in the diagnostics by specialists because of complexity in interpretations of results.

The Hilbert Transform (HT) gives an opportunity to track and to characterize numerically in detail the time change of the EEG structure, variation and duration of rhythms.

The HF analysis gives an opportunity to track the dynamics of EEG change, to characterize numerically the duration and variation of the basic physiological rhythms, and, also, to observe the frequency change in time within the limits of each rhythm. This method has a higher sensitivity in comparison with WFT and WT.

The characteristic of health in electroencephalography is the symmetry of the right and left symmetric leads.  The semispherical brain asymmetry method is developed and is shown to allow realizing screening diagnostics.


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