Зарежда Събития
На заседание на семинара “ИНФОРМАТИЧНО МОДЕЛИРАНЕ”
на 06.03.2020 г., петък, от 15:00 часа, в зала 578 на ИМИ,
доклад на тема:

IoT Service Modeling and Recommending within the scope of the EMULSION project

ще изнесе проф. Иван Ганчев.
Резюме: In this talk, the current research activities of the EMULSION project will be presented, targeting the development of a new-generation (of horizontal type) platform for use in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT), along with novel methods, models, and techniques for the effective provision of IoT services, targeting the ‘smart environment protection’ and ‘smart health’ IoT domains. The platform will be able to provide highly contextualized and personalized services, accessible through any kind of mobile devices via heterogeneous access wireless networks, anytime-anywhere-anyhow, and in the best possible way by taking into account the current network- and service context, and the users‘ preferences.
Based on the platform, two pilot IoT systems are being designed and implemented:
  1. A smart air quality index (AQI) control system – for providing live AQI environmental data, supplemented by forecasting information, as an input to the other pilot system, along with a corresponding mobile application serving patients with different health problems and assisting them in advanced (pro-active) route planning for travelling with a minimum health risk;
  2. A smart ubiquitous health (uHealth) system – for providing various healthcare services to different categories of patients.

Prospective methods for service modeling and recommending will be discussed in the talk.

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