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Националния семинар по стохастика

ще се проведе на 24 януари 2024 г. (сряда) от 14:00 часа в зала 503 на ИМИ – БАН.

Доклад на тема

Wave field source localization using antenna arrays as a statistical problem of multidimensional linear system parameter estimation

ще изнесе

Alexander Varypaev (Национален институт по геофизика, геодезия и география, БАН).

Абстракт. The problem of statistical estimation of the coordinates of wave field sources from observations masked by additive random noise is considered. A likelihood-based estimate of source parameters is proposed for an unknown deterministic source function and additive noise correlated in time and space. The property of this estimate to suppress spatially correlated noise is mathematically justified. A statistical justification for the currently popular and robust SRP-PHAT M-estimate of the unknown source parameter is provided. Using the method of independent Monte Carlo tests, several M-estimates of source coordinates are compared for different additive noise properties.


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