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Поредната сбирка на Националния семинар по стохастика ще се проведе на 3 юли 2019 г. (сряда) от 14:00 часа в зала 403 на ИМИ – БАН. Доклад на тема:

Probabilistic models for primes

ще изнесе Kevin Ford (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

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Резюме: We introduce a new probabilistic model for primes, which we believe is a better predictor for the behavior of prime in short intervals than the existing models of Cramer and Granville. We also make strong connections between our model, prime k-tuple counts, large gaps and the “square-root sieve”.  In particular, our model makes a prediction about large prime gaps that may contradict the models of Cramer and Granville, depending on the tightness of a certain sieve estimate.
This is joint work with Bill Banks and Terence Tao.