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Structure of the Activity:

The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics is an independent permanent research unit in BAS and carries out its activities in accordance with the Law of BAS [Закона за БАН], the Statutes of BAS and the rules of procedure [вътрешен правилник за дейността на института] of the institute, under the current legislation. The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics is a multidisciplinary academic institution with the primary task of raising the level of all activities in the country associated with the development, implementation and reproduction of mathematics and informatics

With the aim of accomplishing the strategic objectives of IMI, bilateral and multilateral contractual contacts are maintained with dozens of research centres in Europe and the world. The management considers the Institute's full integration into the European Research Area to be one of the main approaches towards making science a major driving force in the development of the national economy and knowledge society. IMI—BAS has long-term bilateral and multilateral scientific cooperation agreements with more than 40 research centres and universities in Europe and the world—in Belgium, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, the Ukraine, the UK, etc.

In 2013, there were 22 active research projects within the reciprocity-based exchange scheme between BAS and academies and scientific institutions from 12 countries.

In the same year, the Institute's staff worked on a total of 19 research projects financed by theScientific Research Fund, in many cases with the participation of leaders in the relevant scientific fields from abroad. IMI is leading contractor in 10 projects and co-contractor in the rest.

Recent projects of national and international significance: