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Director, deputy directors, scientific secretary

The Director of IMI may be a DSc, an associate or full professor with an academic degree, a corresponding or full member of BAS, employed full-time at IMI. The Director is elected by the Board of BAS for four years and may not serve more than two consecutive terms.

The Director represents IMI before all authorities and organizations at home and abroad; administers IMI’s budget and funds, organizes and manages IMI’s administrative tasks; appoints and dismisses IMI’s academic and support staff; performs other duties issuing from legal texts, assigned by the management of the BAS or arising out of contracts.

The Director appoints the Deputy Directors and the Scientific Secretary of IMI after approval by the Scientific Council. The Deputy Director replaces the Director in his absence and may manage certain aspects of the IMI’s activities as assigned by a written order of the Director. The Scientific Secretary assists the Director in the planning and reporting of scientific and educational activities and performs other duties as assigned by a written order of the Director. The Deputy Directors and the Scientific Secretary may not serve in these positions for more than two consecutive four-year terms.

The Managing Director for Administrative and Business Activities shares the Director’s responsibility for these activities.


Acad. Veselin Drensky


Phoneн: (+359-2) 870-10-72

Deputy Director

Research Policy in the Fields of Mathematical Structures, Informatics and Education, and Work with Young Talents

Prof. Peter Boyvalenkov, DSc


Tel.: (+359-2) 979-28-06

Deputy Director

Research Policy in the Field of Mathematical Modelling and National, European and International Projects and Programmes

Prof. Neli Dimitrova, PhD


Tel.: (+359-2) 979-28-11

Deputy Director

Administrative and Business Activities

Polina Kerteva


Tel.: (+359-2) 979-28-16

Scientific Secretary

Assoc. Prof. Velichka Milousheva, PhD


Tel.: (+359-2) 979-38-22